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    Adult Sunday School


    Adult Faith Formation

    On Sundays, during the 9:15 – 10:00 time slot between Masses, we will discuss the book The Gospel of Mark by Mary Healy. This book is part of a series entitled  the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. The author teaches at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. If you plan to participate, please obtain your own copy of the book. It is available in print from Amazon.com and also in the Kindle format. It is also available in the Apple bookstore for your Apple device. Plan on spending at least an hour each week reading in preparation for the discussion. This will best be done by reading a few pages each day. We will begin on Sunday, September 13, with the discussion taking place in the Cathedral itself. Later we might be able to move to the center. When Advent begins in November, we will be hearing from the Gospel according to Mark at Mass. If you have any questions, contact Fr. Simmons at fathermatthewpricesimmons@gmail.com