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    Growing in Your Faith

    The goal of our religious education programs is to deepen our relationship with Christ and his Church. To achieve this goal the Cathedral of St. Peter is committed to offering a variety of programs and opportunities designed to help individuals explore their relationship with God and their role in the Church in the context of their Catholic Faith.

    It is one thing to know your faith. It is something else entirely to understand how our faith enhances and deepens our relationship with the living God. It is only through our being formed and informed in our Faith that we can be transformed by our relationship with God.

    The programs listed below are formal and ongoing. As more programs are created they will be added below. Periodically throughout the year, special faith formation programs such as retreats, workshops, seminars, and reflections that may be offered.


    Youth Faith Formation

    St. Peter’s offers a variety of education for our youth. Within the Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi, Bishop Joseph Latino requests that students be confirmed as sophomores, juniors or seniors in high school. Prior to that age, students should be receiving religious education either through their parish Sunday School program or an area Catholic school.

    Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Program:
    •  Level 1 (ages 3-6/pre-K through Kindergarten)
    •  Level 2 (ages 6-9/1st-3rd grades)

    Sunday School Classes
    •  4th Grades through 5th Grades
    •  6th Grades through 9th Grades

     Confirmation Classes
    •  10th Grades through 12th Grades


    Adult Faith Formation

    •   Adult Sunday School

    •   R.C.I.A. Classes (for those interested in becoming Catholic)