KC Ladies’ Auxiliary

The first in the state, The Knights of Columbus John T. Savage Council 848 Jackson, MS Ladies’ Auxiliary was formed October 17, 1955. The first president, the late Mary Alice Deddens, was presented with the charter on March 25, 1956.


The purpose of the organization shall be as follows:

(1)   to encourage varied activities of members who will strive individually and collectively to forge a bond of social unity and solidarity among the families of the members of the John T. Savage Council of the Knights of Columbus;  to assist the Knights of Columbus in their Spiritual, Social, Youth, and Civic Projects, with the understanding that sufficient time be allowed for planning and preparation; to strive constantly to provide the inspiration and prove the impetus for continued active membership for life as a Knight.

(2) to plan and carry out such activities of its own as shall be conducive to the providing of social unity among the members of the Auxiliary, and to the providing of suitable recreation programs for their children.


(1) A wife is eligible for membership as long as her husband is in good standing in the Knights of Columbus.

(2) A widow of a former member of the Knights of Columbus is eligible for membership, provided her husband was in good standing at the time of his death.


Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at St. Peter’s Cathedral Activity Center at 6:30 P.M.  Dues are $10.00 annually.