The Christian vocation is essentially a call to be a disciple of Jesus. As Christians, we must discern, accept, and live out joyfully and generously the commitments, responsibilities, and roles to which God calls us to be good stewards, not only within our parish family but also within the community we serve.

Here at the Cathedral of St. Peter, there are numerous opportunities for you to respond to God’s call to stewardship. The following web-pages not only include contact information for those wishing to become involved, but also descriptions of the ministry as well.

All employees and volunteers involved in a parish ministry that caters to children and youth under 18 years of age are required to abide by the Protection of Children program of the Diocese of Jackson. These ministries include, but are not limited to those working in the religious education program (CCD), Hispanic Youth Groups, Altar Servers, and Liturgy of the Word for Children.