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    The Workings of the Spirit

    Anyone who has seen a loved one off to a new adventure knows how difficult it is to rejoice, even when we are reasonably optimistic about their future. So, we can imagine how difficult it must have been for the disciples to rejoice in Jesus’ announced departure. Today’s Gospel is part of Jesus’ Last Supper discourse, recorded only by John. Jesus announces shocking news. He must go to the Father, and they should rejoice in this. To help them through this, Jesus gives his disciples his give of peace and promises an Advocate.

    From our privileged position in history, we can see that all that Jesus promises comes to pass. The Church has grown and still exists on this earth because of the abiding Spirit. But living by the Spirit and entering into the peace of Christ is no small task. Jesus doesn’t promise the apostles a rose garden. He is realistic about the costs of discipleship. And, mercifully, he is also clear about its rewards.

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