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    The Good Shepherd

    The Good Shepherd not only knows us but has given his life for us. We belong to the Shepherd. His life is the source of our life. One part of this relationship is firm—God’s part. The Father has entrusted us to the Son, and the Son will not let go of our hand.

    The other part of this relationship depends on us, of course. In today’s Gospel, Jesus assumes our open-hearted good will. “My sheep hear my voice . . . and they follow me.” This hearing and following is a daily undertaking that implies responsibility. Those who exercise good stewardship of their prayer lives realize that hearing or listening is fundamental to prayer.

    Prayer is a personal encounter with the Lord and requires dialogue. Some people never learn the art of listening. When we enter into a dialogue with someone we love, we speak and we listen. Otherwise it cannot be dialogue. This week, let’s think about how we pray. Do we do all the talking and then get up and do something else? Or do we sit quietly, waiting for God’s voice to enter our hearts?