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    Seeking to Understand the Trinity

    If you sometimes find the Church’s teachings incomprehensible, be encouraged by today’s Gospel. Recognizing how bewildered his disciples have become, Jesus says, “I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now.” Then he promises that “the Spirit of truth” will come to make things clear.

    Even with the coming of the Spirit, we never fully understand. Today we hear the ancient poetry of the book of Proverbs, singing of God’s wisdom “playing on the surface of his earth,” delighting in humankind. We hear Paul boasting of his joy—not only in the blessings God sends, but even in “our afflictions.”

    Theologians wrestle with the mystery of the Trinity; with the help of the Spirit they make that divine mystery a little more clear to the Church. We understand a little. But mostly we listen, we pray, and we ask the Spirit for more clarity.

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