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    Easter Energy

    On Easter morning when the disciples saw the evidence of the Resurrection, they did not at first grasp it. John reports that “they did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead.” We, on the other hand, have both scripture and church tradition to teach us. Jesus Christ’s resurrection is at the core of our Christian faith.

    All of today’s readings tell us how compelling this event was for the first Christians. There is great energy in all the readings. Peter preaches with authority and conviction. Paul calls for Christians to change their lives. In the Gospel reading we see Peter and John in a footrace to reach Jesus’ tomb and see with their own eyes the evidence that they still could not understand or completely believe.

    How can some of this Easter energy be restored to us today? Do we let the astonishing news of the Resurrection touch us now? Does it call us to action? To deeper faith? To conversion? What new life will be reborn in us and our parish community this Easter morning?

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