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    Ascension Celebration

    There are a number of obvious themes that emerge from the Ascension celebration. One of the most prominent is that God in Christ is not just inherent, but also transcendent, and that Christ is high over all, truly and justly reigning over all of creation even when it doesn’t always seem like it. Another, complimentary theme that stands out is the link between Ascension and Pentecost, which in Luke’s writings, is clear and strong. Jesus shifts from a specific, localized human body in a specific geographical location, to a universal Presence, seeking to indwell multitudes of bodies. This happens when Christ gathers all things to himself, and fills all things with himself (as Paul says in Ephesians). Thus, there is a sense in which the Ascension is the most immanent and inclusive picture of God we ever see. In the feast of Ascension we discover that Christ’s love goes further even than resurrection, but leads Christ to embrace all of creation, and fill it all with himself, while also carrying our humanity into the Godhead – the ultimate, intimate union of God and God’s universe!