St. Peter’s Outreach Ministry


St. Peter’s Outreach Ministry began in 2001 by members of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Holy Ghost Parish for the purpose of providing aid to those in need. The members of the ministry meet regularly to fulfill two great Commandments: Love of God and Love of Neighbor.

This Catholic lay organization, named after our own patron saint, St. Peter, was established to address the needs of those persons who approach the Church for assistance. Rather than the pastor or staff having to deal with each case, they are given a phone number to call and request help. Members of the ministry monitor phone calls and assess the needs of those who call for assistance.

The core group meets monthly, and more often through phone and e-mail contact, to address the needs of those who requesting help. At times members will even visit homes to decide what assistance can be given. The ministry is mindful that they can only do so much, that there are needs that cannot be addressed, and that they must be good stewards of the resources available.

Calls for assistance are accepted Wednesdays between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m   601-714-3022